Shoes – How To Find That Perfect Fitting Pair!!

The shoe market is wide and with many options available that are concentrating on fashion, comfort, and durability. When we shop for shoes, it is a little difficult to get all three in one pair without knowing what to look for. Selection of shoes can become much easier if we know what to consider and what to avoid. Knowing our feet types is a plus as shoe selection will differ widely based on the type of foot and arch.

A proper pair of footwear makes day to day life easy and less painful. Besides, it absorbs the shock and protects the feet. An improper pair of shoes, worn for long period of time, can cause malformation, discomfort or pain in feet, legs or back. This can lead to other health problems or an inability to continue to perform the required daily function!! Most of the time, people just look for either comfort or fashion depending on occasion they are using the shoe for.

Shoe Anatomy:

The shoe consists of three main structures. Last, Upper and Midsole.


Selection of Shoes

Last of Shoe:

This is insole of the foot. This is a core structure of shoe that defines size, shape, fit, pressure points, and of course style!! The last can be constructed with cardboard, slip or combination of both. Cardboard last is more suitable for individuals with flat feet and slip construction is more for people with high arches.

Selection of Shoes

This can be straight, semi-curved or curved. If you have flat feet, the straight insole will provide comfort.  This is also true if you have a tendency to pronate your feet (rolls your feet inward)!! Contradictory, curved last is recommended for people with high arches.

Upper of Shoe:

This is the top part of the shoe. It is composed of toe cap or toe box, vamp, tongue, laces and top line or a heel counter. The upper part of the shoe determines the proper fitting of the shoe. It also plays a vital role in stabilizing rearfoot.

A person can decide to have shoes with laces or velcro or nothing (slip-on shoes) depending on his functional abilities. For example, a pregnant woman (especially in the third trimester) may consider just slip on or velcro shoes due to inability to bend forward.  Swollen feet are also a culprit to lean on slip shoes at that stage!

The midsole of the Shoe:

This is the decisive area for comfort and cushion in the shoes. This is also the area that will decide the weight of the shoes. Majority of companies put their technology in the midsole making. It can be made up of softer or firmer material. A softer material ages and wears out quickly. A firmer material lasts longer but may not be as comfortable.

Adaptive Equipment :

There are few adaptive types of equipment available that can help with donning and doffing of the shoe.


There are several kinds of shoe horns available. This is my favorite one as it can be used with multiple diagnoses, including pregnancy, low back pain, diabetes, etc..

Sock aid: 

This helps to don and doff the sock. Donning of socks may sound easy but this device comes very handy when a person is unable to bend forward, unable to reach his/her toes, or just does not have appropriate fine motor coordination to put the socks on.

Elastic laces:

This makes the shoe with laces work like velcro. So a person does not have to tie and untie the laces every time he puts the shoes on or take it off. This is my favorite kind. Hope you will like it too.

Insole for shoes:

It is important to have a good pair of shoes to protect our feet. A comfortable pair of shoes is even more useful if you are on your feet all day long. Usually specialized or brand stores, have a consultant that can observe your walking/running etc and make recommendations for shoes.

The market for insoles is heavy. You will be able to find a few varieties of insoles depending on needs. For example, you can have insoles for arch support, to prevent back pain, knee pain, for proper weight-bearing or weight distribution, etc. You can buy it from a regular drug store, supermarket store, or at a brand store.

Hope this information helps you to find that perfect pair. Or at least to look for some materials and support that you need for your feet. After all, feet are our very owned vehicles and we need to take care of it.

Happy Shoe Shopping!!

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