Life in a Day of a Physical Therapist

By Bijal Shah

Physical therapy program is becoming more and more popular. Physical Therapy school is hard and it can become challenging to hold onto your hopes till the completion sometimes. I want to write this blog to educate current Physical Therapist students how a day looks like a Physical Therapist routinely.  So here is to the life in a day of a Physical Therapist!!

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Succeed in a Physical Therapy career at a sub-acute care facility – Keys to Time Management

By Bijal Shah

I am writing this due to experiences I have had my new grad employees. Majority of them have a tough start and have difficulties during their first week.  One of the key reasons has been due to lack of time management to meet the productivity requirements.  So, I want to share some information that has helped me and few of my employees.

PT school is hard and long. But you survive it.  Not only that, you managed to score a decent GPA through the program as human service is your calling. You clear your NPTE on the first attempt, and now it’s the time to find a good job. A job that can take care of huge student loans, take care of you and give you some satisfaction. After all, you wanted to be a PT to serve human being and serve society!!  So, let’s talk about what should and should not be done in your first week at work to set a good impression among your colleagues, in front of your manager and get you some happiness and satisfaction at your job. 

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