Life in a Day of a Physical Therapist

By Bijal Shah

The physical therapy program is becoming more and more popular. Physical Therapy school is hard and it can become challenging to hold onto your hopes till the completion sometimes. I want to write this blog to educate current Physical Therapist students how a day looks like a Physical Therapist routinely.  So here is to the life in the day of a Physical Therapist!!

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Succeed in a Physical Therapy career at a sub-acute care facility.

By Bijal Shah

Time management and being Organised are tow key factors to be successful in a day. It takes good skill, a lot of patience and of course a smiling face to complete daily requirements in a given time and to go home to the family. This is especially true in a career involving human service like healthcare. with over ten years of experiences, training and trailing many different ways, I want to discuss some key factors that will land you a successful day in Physical therapy career. 

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