Chin Tuck Exercise: When And How to Perform It?

By Bijal Shah

What is Chin Tuck Exercise:

Chin tuck is one of my favorite exercises. It is easy to do any time, anywhere with no external equipment. In this digital era, chin tuck exercise is a must for people of any age. It can help reduce neck stress, improve posture, increase muscle strength, and relax muscles.

This exercise works great if you spend a lot of your time in front of a screen (for those computer savvy people). Also, it improves a forward head posture or poor neck posture and corrects it. You can perform this exercise in sitting or in standing as shown in the picture. Continue reading “Chin Tuck Exercise: When And How to Perform It?”

Exercises and stretches for instant neck pain relief

By Bijal Shah

Who hasn’t had neck pain at some point in their life? Neck pain is probably one of the most common chronic pain complaints of today’s world, which results mostly from the improper use of electronics (eg. improper monitor alignment, improper use of cell phones, etc) and bad posture causing muscle or ligament strain.   The pain can be greatly reduced or even alleviated by performing some simple neck exercises and stretches.   The list below will guide you through these neck exercises as well as stretches that help in reducing neck discomfort and pain.


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