Bijal is a licensed Physical Therapist and a certified clinical instructor. She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Arcadia University. Her work experience includes various clinical settings including hospitals, home health, sub acute care and long-term care. She is currently the Director of Rehabilitation in a facility specializing in neuromuscular and respiratory diseases. Bijal is also a wound certified Physical Therapist. Helping her patients achieve their maximum potential is Bijal’s calling and motivation.

From the Author:

I receive so many questions and concerns regarding physical therapy, exercises and career advice on daily basis. This comes from a variety of sources like family, friends, their families, coworkers, social groups etc.. I see a real need for people to have a reliable source for some exercise methods. Also a reliable source for new PT and students PT to address their issues and set their expectations right. This is how lifeofpt was born.

My Aim: 

As a PT, I see miracles happening on daily basis. I want to share this positive stories among people. So therapists can have faith and trust in themselves and in their treatment. This is why I introduced a section for professional Resources. I also want people to have faith in the PT treatment. Along with that, I want to provide some easily available, ready to print, reliable to follow exercise sessions on some major topics with no cost. This blog is not a replacement of any physical therapy session or any doctor’s visit. Rather, the purpose is to provide some information on how to do exercises and to avoid injuries etc. This is how Ortho, Neuro and deconditioning sections are developed.

Why lifeofpt:

Now you must be thinking why lifeofpt, over million other websites out there on internet. I am a physical therapist who is currently involved in patient care. I go through similar kind of challenges what you all may be facing. Through my practice and experience, I have found many ways to dealing with different challenges. I think I can be a trustworthy source of knowledge for you.

On the same page, please feel free to subscribe to my blog post or add a comment to share your experience.. If you have any questions on a particular topic or want me to address any particular issue, please feel free to reach out to me.

So please join me in spreading the awareness and helping the Society become healthier!!