Tips on Biceps Stretching

Biceps stretching is important to prevent shortening of the muscle. Stretching the muscle after a vigorous workout or a strengthening session of biceps prevents any onset of DOMS. Thus, stretching is as helpful and crucial as the strengthening.

Biceps is an important muscle in the human body. We use this muscle to perform many activities of daily living. In addition, biceps holds its crucial place cosmetically. It is the muscle that gives the look of “masculine build”. This is created by training the muscle to develop hypertrophy. And therefore, it may not be the largest or the biggest muscle but surely it is one of the most important muscles of the human body.

Anatomy of Biceps :

As the name suggests, biceps muscle generally has two heads. It originates from the scapula (shoulder blade) and humerus (long bone of the arm). It inserts into the inner bone of the forearm (ulna). In the human body, this muscle found to have three heads and sometimes even more. And therefore, biceps is considered probably the most variable muscles in the human body.

Action of Biceps

Biceps is the main elbow flexor. In other words, it bends your elbow. Since biceps is a biarticular muscle, it also assists the movement of the shoulder like shoulder flexion and abduction.

How to do Biceps Stretching:

You can choose to perform an isolated stretching of the muscle or stretching of a group of the muscles. Isolated stretching of the muscle is very easy and can be performed in a variety of positions like sitting, standing or even lying on your back. Below are few pictures demonstrating the stretching of the muscle.

Biceps Stretching

Biceps Stretching Biceps Stretching

Biceps Stretching at the doorway:

Some people like to perform the stretching at the doorway. It does not make the stretching any better or method to be more accurate than the other methods shown above. It simply an alternate method of biceps stretching.

You can choose to perform any one of the stretching exercises You want to hold each stretch for 45 to 60 seconds and repeat them 3 times. Remember, not to overstretch your muscles, and hold at the point when you feel “bearable” or “tolerated” stretch.

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