Having Back Pain? Here are 7 Simple Stretches to Relieve Back Pain

By Bijal Shah

The aim of this article is to talk about some important stretches for low back pain.  I talked about Sciatic nerve pain as well as low back pain in my previous articles.   In this article, I focus on combination stretching exercises to reduce sciatica pain as well as low back pain.   The stretches below will help alleviate the pain on both the left and right side.  So let’s get started!!

Stretching exercises are necessary for many ways. An athlete needs to stretch his/her muscles prior and after any workout. A recreational player needs stretching to avoid any DOMS (Delayed onset of Muscle Soreness). A person who is exercising to gain muscle strength also needs to stretch the muscles after his exercise regime. A person suffering from injury or back pain stretches the muscles just to feel better.    No matter what level a person is at for exercises, they need to stretch the muscles. Stretching is done for the whole body and all muscles.

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Sciatica pain – Prevent and Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain

By Bijal Shah

Sciatica pain affects a wide range of the population.   The pain can show itself as numbness and be tingling in a leg, starting usually from low back or buttock area, going down to thigh, knee or all the way to the ankle, usually one side of body… unable to sit, stand or walk without pain.   As a physical therapist, I meet at least two to four people a day who complains of sciatic pain – and they are not necessarily my patients, but my colleagues, my friends, relatives of my patients, my family members and a few of my readers. Sciatica affects young age, middle age, and old age people. And how can I forget wonderful pregnancy and Sciatica?  So, today, let’s talk about what is Sciatic Pain and how physical therapy can help to treat it.

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