Posture Correction: Scapula movements

By Bijal Shah

Scapula or shoulder blades play a pivotal part in maintaining a proper posture.  In turn, movements and stretching of the scapula are crucial for posture correction.   No one likes to see a tall healthy person with rounded shoulder or humped back. Yes, if there is a medical issue and it is not fixable than that is a different story.  But, a healthy person will not make a good impression (especially the first one) with poor posture.

This is the last article in series of neck, chest and upper back movements to correct posture.  Previous articles talked about chest and neck exercises and stretch.  This article will focus on the Scapula or shoulder blade.

There are many muscles that stabilize the scapula or shoulder blade.  Some of them are deep, some are very small muscles. Some muscles are hard to get to by a massage therapist or even a physical therapist due to its position. Yet all of the muscles involved in scapula movement are equally important.  Imbalance of these muscles can result in pain on the upper back, poor posture, etc.

scapular muscles

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