Physical Therapy to Treat TBI : Treatment Approaches for Brain Injury Cases

By Bijal Shah

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is anything that can impact the normal function of a brain after birth (mostly caused due to an accident).  Rehab treatment approach varies as per what stage and how fresh the brain injury (TBI) is. It also depends on the therapist’s experience level and belief in the treatment approach. For me, not one approach is a gold standard or right than others. I have also experienced that treatment approaches vary depending on the patient’s prior level of function, age and comfort level. TBI

Some treatment will give excellent results with one patient while the other patient may complain of pain or discomfort with that same method. So the goal of this blog is to discuss some basic methods that therapists use to treat TBI patients. I will try to keep it real simple so not only therapists but other readers can also get some knowledge out of this article.  I discuss types and etiology of TBI here. The other thing to keep in mind is, the same treatment method can be used as the main treatment approach versus just a preventive measure depending on the acuity of an injury. So let’s talk about treatment methods for TBI patients. Continue reading “Physical Therapy to Treat TBI : Treatment Approaches for Brain Injury Cases”